Kat McDavitt

Chief Strategy Officer Innsena

Kat McDavitt is the founder and chief strategy officer of Innsena, a consultancy supporting organizations operating in the healthcare sector. She is the head of the consultancy’s market access and public affairs practice and a national expert in data acquisition strategy and data use agreements, including the exchange and use of sensitive information covered under CFR 42 Part 2. Previously, Kat served as chief of external affairs and chief marketing officer for Collective Medical, the largest network for care coordination in the United States. She led the company’s government and public affairs, market access, marketing, advocacy and public relations functions. Collective Medical was acquired by PointClickCare, the nation’s largest senior care technology platform. Kat McDavitt is also the founder and board chair of the Zorya Foundation and the foundation’s award-winning Mothers in Medicine fund. Zorya Foundation provides cash grants—primarily for childcare—for women working in the healthcare industry. As an advocate for women in the workplace, Kat started the Zorya Foundation to bridge the gap for women as they work toward their own definition of professional success.

Prior, Kat spent more than seven years with Dodge Communications, now known as MERGE Atlanta, where she served as vice president leading the agency’s strategic services division. As vice president of strategic services, Kat handled corporate strategy and positioning, regulatory and government affairs, and high-profile media and analyst relations initiatives.